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Executive Director  Mark Messing                                        

Director of Development and Outreach  Susan Fox    





To contact us you can send a note to: admin@opera-matic.org


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1757 N. Kimball Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60647

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artist collaborators 2015


Art Director: Laura Miracle   Experience Design: Robin Cline Lead Sculptors: Bernard Washington, Erik Newman,  Josh Lantzy

Music and Sound

Composers and Song Leaders: Charly Barbera, Laura Reibock, Laura Crotte, Ami Saraiya, Stacy Rene, Maritza Cervantes, Belinda Cervantes Ensembles: Conjunto Maniqua, The Sing Song Project, Bateria Quilombola, Mucca Pazza, John Cicora's Second Line Band Sound Design: Charlie Malave, Gary Kalar, Jeff Thomas, Deory Davis

Bicycle Puppeteers

Tony Arriola, Anais Machin, Jorge Rivera, Flash ABC, Aleks Revzin, Ben Acuna, Leo Cintron, D'Marco Alvarado

Youth Artists

Jesus Valezquez, Ariana Lopez, Genesis Lopez, Anaiza Cartagena, Isis Cartagena, Lesley Sandoval, Nano Alejandro, Angel Hernandez, Edgar Hernandez, Gustavo Sanchez

Theatrical, Interaction, and Movement Designers

AJ Ware, Donnell Williams, Lori Myers, Malic White, Molly Brennan, David Pintor, Lily Emerson, Erin Kilmurray


Yani Aviles, Whitney Richardson, Jeannette Ralyea, Andrea Jablonski, Brian Herrera, Dan Waters, Karen Jackson, Keith Brownlee, Lydia Hanchett, Sarah Bendix, Sarah Montgomery, Becky Mcnamara, Sarah Koziol, Allison Ancel, Robert Fletcher, Maegan Jenkins, Ivy Herman, Lucie Herman, Michelle Fogle, Alyssa Coyle, Leo Godoy, Kristal Espana, Christopher Allman, Allie Spicer, Mindy Rivera, Celina Rivera, Tressa Ferrella, Michael Oliva, Adam Karstens, David Christopher Krause, Chris Wooten, Jamie Topper, Veronica Stein, Hannah Brunner, Paloma Hernandez,  Lara Rosenburg, Emily Schulert, Candice Latimer, Lucie G, Libbie Beaudet, Whitney Flanigan, Marian Herman, Cordelia Herman

Production Managing

Aimee Brown, Corrie Besse, Jeanette Ralyea, A.J Ware, Lily Emerson Artist Intern: Joshua Mangis

Artist Collaborators 2013 - 2014

Ronnie Kuller

Donnell Williams

Avery R Young

Marvin Tate

Daniel Villarreal

Petra Bachmaier

Janet Ecklebarger

Karen Faith

Sarah Fornace

Sean Gallero

Rachel Hanauer

Sarah Bendix

Robin Cline

Mark Messing

Jeannette Ralyea

Cynthia Main

Chris Hefner

Greg Hirte

Jessica Hudson

Maegen Jenkins

Kathleen Judge

Laura Miracle-Tamarkin

Margaret Goddard-Knop

Dalizy Beltran

John Carroll 

Sharon Lanza

Alissa Love

Fred Merkle

Dana Oliveri

David Christopher Krause


Laura Crotte Occelli

Tina M. Howell

Mars Caulton

Erin Kilmurray

Kate Sheehy

Jeff Thomas

Jamie Topper

Megin Wardle

Chris Wooten

Gary Kalar


David Carlson

Cheryl Hughes

Mary Scott-Boria

Lauren Smith

Joe Kucala


Tony Macaluso

Mark Messing


Charlie Rizzo


This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

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